Advanced Features

Lifecycle Mobile

Data driven items

Connect your form items directly to your data sets so your users always see the freshest and most accurate data. Create a form that automatically shows each user their work orders for that day, or that always has the latest list of offers and discounts.

Merge text

The merge function lets you use text from a variety of sources throughout your form. Need to display a customer’s name and address on a work order? Want to personalize forms with the logged in user’s name? Like to use a previous answer as part of a follow-up question? The merge functionality in Fivespark lets you do all that and much more as well.


Fivespark gives you the power to go beyond displaying and capturing data to performing real-time calculations while your users are using your app. Calculations let you do things like show order totals or expense report totals, calculate sales tax, and more. You can combine users’ answers with data from your systems to enable your business rules to run directly within your app, reducing the burden on your back office staff and saving time and money..

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